Due diligence for new market investment

Project Documentation

Accelerated delivers targeted insights and answers to plug information gaps to our clients via a unique model focused on hand-picked experts combined with careful and experienced facilitation.

When clients engage us, it’s usually the first time that they have experienced this approach, so when possible we like to show rather than describe what we do.

The following are sample project documents from a recently completed Due Diligence Project for a client who was working on a deal to enter a new market in the US.

These documents illustrate:

  • How we were engaged, the dimensions of an Accelerated proposal, and timelines to go from brief to proposal
  • The quality of the interviewees that we are able to deliver on short notice
  • The quality of insights available in our deliverables based on interviews with multiple experts.


About Accelerated

Accelerated provides custom, expert-sourced insights that enable organisations to make decisions better and faster and to implement those decisions more successfully.

Connecting human knowledge from across the globe, Accelerated orchestrates teams of consultants and experts who can best address clients’ challenges and opportunities. Virtual teams are drawn from extensive proprietary networks, plus our unique approach to engaging the collective expertise of over 800 million digitally connected professionals from around the world.

Accelerated has worked on projects and with teams from every continent (except Antarctica!), and delivered outcomes for leading corporations, global and boutique consulting firms and investment funds. Since starting operations in Australia in 2020, this growth has been achieved through word of mouth referrals and the strong relationships that we build through the conduct of our business – the total marketing/advertising spend to date is $0.