Accelerated connects you to knowledge experts from around the world

We connect you to the world’s expertise, insights, and knowledge to accelerate progress and prosperity.

Accelerated connects human knowledge across the planet to create commercial results for clients, and through the sharing of ideas we hope to help drive prosperity. We know, however, that many people are not part of  commercial ecosystems and that there is a huge gap in circumstances of  people around the planet.

Organisations routinely need to resolve complex, high-value problems with imperfect information and insufficient time. Tapping into distributed expertise is a practical, fast way to frame the problem, identify choices and determine the best way forwards.

Our passion is forming the connections and teams that help organisations to efficiently make better choices, and building a more inclusive, meritocratic and productive global economy in the process.

Using digital collaborations to increase the speed and decrease the cost of accessing the best available insights, we remove the traditional “knowledge advantage” of large organisations. We’re excited by the potential of seeing more organisations making better decisions with higher confidence – and implementing them, faster.

Giving back – Accelerated’s partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation.

The Fred Hollows Foundation is an international development organisation, working in more than 25 countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and improve indigenous health.

To help, Accelerated has committed that for every expert we interview to generate insights for clients, we fund eye surgery that restores sight to someone living with avoidable blindness.

We work with a wide range of clients but all have some characteristics in common.

Firstly they are ambitious and recognise the potential advantages of insights from outside their organisations. Secondly they are curious to see how digitally-connected networks can augment their teams to create time and cost advantages.

Our clients include:

  • Start-ups (large and small) – helping teams get answers to their questions and access the resources that keep things moving quickly
  • Scaling private equity owned businesses – assisting teams that need access to external knowledge and sense-making quickly and at a reasonable cost
  • Small and medium sized enterprises – levelling the playing field by making knowledge and insight accessible to all teams/budgets/timeframes
  • Government agencies – helping shape policy leveraging leading practices from other jurisdictions
  • Not-for-profits – breaking the traditional cost parameters of consulting services
  • Corporate strategy teams and BU leadership – enabling teams of former consultants by replacing the knowledge networks they utilised as part of a global top tier consulting firm
  • Consulting firms – partnering to deliver unbeatable levels of subject matter expertise and a clear point of differentiation

Accelerated draws on the collective expertise of over 650 million digitally connected individuals around the world to put together bespoke teams of consultants and experts uniquely equipped to tackle your organisation’s challenges.

By design, we blend the intellectual rigor of traditional top-tier consulting with the entrepreneurial mindset of well-orchestrated groups of freelancers and the efficiencies of a digital-first operating model to deliver results that create unparalleled value to our clients. The individuals in the teams we build are the “stars of our show” – our skill is in the creation and orchestration of these collaborations.

We’re different because we don’t take applications nor pre-emptively register experts into our network. We work on an “invite only” basis with carefully selected and vetted consultants and experts that can deliver results for clients.

We are proud of how well we can create virtual teams in response to our clients’ challenges, see below for examples.

Leverage your knowledge with Accelerated

At Accelerated, we offer experts the opportunity to engage in interesting research projects,
working with clients that are keen to tap into their knowledge.

We aim to offer more value to our experts than other research firms. Of course we offer competitive remuneration for participation in expert interviews, but we also believe in knowledge-sharing and connecting people. We offer our experts:

  • Summary of all project research findings
  • Facilitation of introductions to other experts in related fields (where applicable)
  • Smooth processes and ease-of-doing business – our average expert satisfaction rating is 9.5
  • Expert-centric engagement process – conveniently scheduled interview times and prompt post-interview payment

Telco Virtual Team Example

A Telco wanted to understand global best practice for efficient build and maintenance of its mobile network infrastructure.

Our Collaboration Partner had a degree in telecoms engineering with 5+ years experience with a national telco. Subsequently they spent 5+ years with McKinsey and as a freelancer had developed substantial expert interviewing skills having conducted over 400 expert interviews.

6 experts were interviewed in this short study (less than 2 weeks), including:

  • A senior manager at Rogers Communications and 25+ year industry veteran with deep knowledge of network planning, design, deployment, performance
  • Chief Strategy Officer and former Head of BD at Nokia with 30+ years experience in the provision of network equipment
  • Senior Engineering Manager at T-Mobile with 30+ years experience in the engineering, design and operation of mobile networks

Virtual Team 1

Banking Virtual Team Example

A Bank wanted to learn about ways to increase the efficiency of retraining substantial proportions of its workforce in response to the shift from branch-based banking to online banking.

Our Collaboration Partner had a 30+ year career at the forefront of digital change, including financial services consulting at McKinsey, industry roles leading digital innovation and transformation and 5+ years in insight based consulting.

10 experts were interviewed in this short study, including Chief Learning Officers and similar from companies like:

  • Google
  • GE
  • Microsoft
  • DBS
  • Cisco
  • Home Depot
  • ING

Transport Virtual Team Example

A Rail Authority wanted to enhance the speed and reliability of rail track shut downs for maintenance and to learn lessons from other rail networks and adjacent heavy industries where safety was critical.

Our team was led by a Collaboration Partner who combined deep engineering experience in safety and critical operations in mining, oil and gas, with extensive consulting and research experience. He was supported by a rail specialist advisor who had worked across design, construction and signalling.

12 experts were engaged from rail, offshore oil & gas, shipping and mining, and from the US, Europe and Asia. Examples of their experience includes:

  • A shut-down and maintenance management specialist from Rio Tinto and Glencore
  • A global Head of Rail Services with experience in rail rolling stock and signalling with Bombardier and GE Transport
  • A globally sought after Project Director who had led large rail infrastructure projects in brown-field contexts across Europe, Asia and the Middle East

Our Team

Mark Donaldson - Founder, Managing Director

“I am excited to give our clients a new way to make decisions faster and with more confidence, by enabling new methods to access global insight and knowledge”

Mark is the founder of the first Australian-based expert virtual consultancy business, Accelerated. He has more than 20 years experience in management consulting, including Kearney and PA Consulting Group and leading internal strategy teams at Origin Energy. From 2013 to 2020 he was a Managing Director for a global expert-network firm that has pioneered the use of crowd networks to help address business issues. Mark is also the founder of Goodwill Group, a Social Venture Start-up that helps charitable organisations and individuals to have more impact on the causes they care about.

Mark’s vision for Accelerated is to rapidly connect organisations to the world’s expertise, insights, and knowledge to accelerate progress and prosperity. Accelerated will provide a point-of-difference to other expert-network firms in the quality of sourced experts, in breadth of engagement options, and in the team of highly experienced Collaboration Partners who are themselves former consultants.

Maggie Scott
Chief Operating Officer

Maggie has more than 20 years’ experience working as a strategic advisor and business partner in strategy consulting firms or in-house strategy roles. She has worked across many industries including  financial services, health insurance and energy and she recently built a marketplace startup in the logistics/shared economy space.

Garima Gupta
Project Co-ordinator

Garima is a Computer Science engineer with experience in software development and data analytics

Tennille Wong
Marketing Executive

Tennille is an innovative marketer with over 20 years experience in senior roles at IBM Australia and Motorola Solutions and as a marketing consultant advising startups and small businesses.