Best practices in Fibre-to-the-Home rollouts in Telco

Case Study – Grocery Supply Chain

Best practices in grocery supply and demand planning


  • Within the context of increasing local and global uncertainty, grocery supply chains are critical. 
  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness our client wanted to understand how leading grocery chains were managing grocery demand planning, supplier management and integrating vendor replenishment planners into their operations
  • The research needed to provide insights from the perspective of both operating models and technology systems landscapes

Accelerated’s approach:

  • 7 interviews were conducted with subject matter experts over 8 days by Geoff Tham, who has performed 160 similar projects globally and is an alumnus of McKinsey
  • Experts were sourced from Tesco, Sainsbury, Walmart, Woolworths, Amazon, Unilever & Loblaws and held roles such as Global Director of Supply Chain Partnerships, Head of Supplier Management, and Operations Director

Synopsis of key findings:

Amongst these leading organisations, we found generally:

  • Grocery chains manage their core demand and supply planning centrally, and in-house, utilising automation to some extent
    • There are typically between ~100-150 staff in demand forecasting and supply planning/mgmt
    • The supply planning/mgmt team is typically 2 to 5 times larger than the demand forecasting team
    • A range of technology systems were adopted spanning Oracle, Manhattan, JDA, SAP, BlueYonder as well as proprietary systems
    • Companies with proprietary systems use demand forecasts more extensively and with less human intervention
  • All of the grocery chains used vendor replenishment planners (VPRs) sometimes referred to as implants, vendor associates or integrated supply planners, with their role typically restricted to the top 25-50 suppliers
  • The VPR role involves a combination of the operational (liaison and coordination between the grocery chain and the supplier, troubleshooting and ensuring availability) and strategic (assistance with planning)
  • VPRs provide a valuable service for grocery retailers who require accurate demand planning and good supplier management to maximise stock availability whilst minimising inventory
  • There is a potential change in the role of vendor replenishment planners in improving the efficiency of demand planning and supplier management, whilst ensuring stock availability with minimal inventory
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