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New markets hold enormous potential for top-line growth. However, they also require substantial investment. So choosing the right market and adopting the right market-entry approach is critical.

We’ll assess the attractiveness of new markets and discover the competitive landscape. By conducting interviews with in-market experts from potential competitors and customers, and blending those insights with traditional secondary data sources, you’ll have the confidence needed to expand into the most opportune markets - faster.

Case study:

A major player in the energy grid sector was assessing the potential of entering the African market. A combination of interviews with market experts across 10 African countries combined with a thorough compilation and analysis of available data enabled an experienced energy markets consultant to derive clear “apples for apples” comparisons across these markets and underpin the decisions on which markets to invest in and how best to proceed.

Increasing your organisation’s efficiency directly improves profitability. With technology constantly evolving, potential sources of efficiency gains are always changing. But after the ‘low-hanging fruit’ has been picked, it can be hard to invest successfully in substantial and sustainable gains.

Applying relevant benchmark comparisons is a great way to spot opportunities to improve efficiency. We can help you source bespoke benchmark data, insights into which targets to focus on, and pragmatic steps on how to lift performance - all leveraging the lived experience of other organisations.

Case study:

An online listings business operated an outbound sales team – but was unsure how to optimise this channel. By engaging with businesses from around the world that sold similar products via the same channel, they were able to identify the right metrics, achievable stretch targets, the most effective technology, and a suite of ideas covering culture, pricing and incentives on how to lift their own sales:FTE ratio to new levels.

Acquisitions, mergers and disposals can drive a huge amount of value for any organisation. And the stakes are high - many deals fail to deliver expected value, while others fuel growth and opportunity.

Deal teams make extensive use of expert-based insights. We can source these experts, plus we can interview them, and combine those learnings with desk-top research to efficiently identify, prioritise and quantify opportunities.

Case study (target identification):

An industrial manufacturer was looking to make an acquisition of a business with deep capabilities in process automation. By blending secondary research and primary interviews, a remote consultant compiled an initial list of 300 potential targets and further narrowed these down to 15 high-potential target businesses.

Case study (due diligence):

A mid-sized telco was interested in acquiring a particular communications backbone asset. By leveraging interviews with operators of similar assets, they were able to build a more robust picture of the long-term operational cost projections for a future owner. Additionally, by interviewing experts who bought capacity on similar assets, they were able to validate long-term price/revenue assumptions. In all, the insights gained enabled a more confident decision.

New product development underpins ongoing relevance. But compiling the insights on evolving technology and customer needs while avoiding unconscious bias can be challenging.

Our experts can help you independently validate product concepts, run virtual user testing programmes, and review options for supply, manufacture, and distribution so you reduce risks and accelerate product development cycle times.

Case study:

A Silicon Valley platform provider helped its customers procure business services and needed to build a series of online questions that automated the process to create a “request for proposal” document. The services included on the platform ranged from HR, to management consultancy, to legal. By engaging experts in each field for relatively short periods of time, this client was able to validate that its RFP builder product was fit for purpose across a wide range of business services.

Competitors - especially in a disruption filled world - can pose an existential threat to your organisation. But your teams need to focus on running their own race - which can lead to a dangerous lack of perspective.

Enable important decisions to be made with a comprehensive knowledge of what your competitors are doing by using strategic interviews and customer research that’ll help you stay at the forefront of your sector.

Case study:

A professional services firm wanted to optimise its’ investment in technologies that automated various parts of their consultants’ workload. Before selecting the specific initiatives to fund, they conducted a review of best practices amongst selected competitors to ensure that their investments left them with a superior set of tools and processes and could thus deliver a return.

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 100, securing investment funds relies on a quality business plan. Insufficiently evidenced assumptions on investment costs or future revenues erodes confidence and delays funding.

We can help you create a robust case. Our consultants specialise in clearly articulated business plans, evidenced by the best available data and first-hand perspectives from the most qualified experts, to help you secure the confidence of investors.

Case study:

A multinational supplier of systems for communications and signalling on public transport networks aimed to expand into Asia. A comparison study involving 12 experts across 6 different Asian markets assessed the volume of planned public transport infrastructure projects. They also helped define the procurement processes and relationships that were needed in order to successfully enter each market. These insights around investment costs and future revenue potential enabled the client to secure investments to fund their growth into the Asian countries that showed most promise.

If your organisation doesn’t deeply understand customers’ evolving needs, it’s harder to stay relevant or competitive. You need an unbiased, refreshed perspective of what they’re thinking, feeling, and deciding. For businesses that sell to other businesses this can be challenging to achieve.

Our consultants can interview your target B2B customers and discover their appetite for new services, how they perceive your competitors, and more.

Case study:

An IT services company was interested in developing a new product offering that would help their clients reduce CO2 outputs but increase costs. They wanted to avoid introducing these products without the right market demand. But they also didn’t want to wait too long and miss an opportunity to lead the market.

To help confirm the optimum timing for such a move, interviews with customers in their local market and in analogous overseas markets allowed them to quickly form a robust view of market readiness for new products.

As supply chains become ever more global, connected and dynamic, the scope for these to create competitive advantage grows. But keeping abreast of the different supply options and their implications for your procurement negotiations can be challenging.

We combine secondary and primary research to quickly and cost-effectively identify the most effective options for your organisation.

Case study 1:

A mining company wanted to understand the relative cost structure for explosives suppliers with Australian raw ingredient manufacturing vs imported raw ingredients. This was to ensure that cost savings were being fully reflected in pricing. By conducting interviews with experts from the explosives industry, a clear picture emerged along with insight on a new international supplier that had recently decided to enter the Australian market, thus creating a new, previously unknown, supply alternative.

Case study 2:

A supermarket that produced their own brand items across a number of categories via a 3rd party manufacturing contracts was keen to understand what options existed in China for alternative suppliers. By deploying a team of in-country researchers, detailed and structured supply options were identified.

From AI to automation to AR/VR to blockchain and a myriad of other developments, technology is transforming the world exponentially. And understanding what this means for your organisation - in terms of both threats and opportunities - and discerning which are current and which are, for now, over the horizon - that is an ongoing challenge.

We help you seize real opportunities and avoid wasting time on changes that are all hype. Our consultants go to the source and interview panels of experts to understand how technologies are really maturing, give a view of what’s coming over the horizon, and provide clarity on how to react.

Case study:

A university that recognized that their current law students would enter a legal profession set to be profoundly changed by AI and ML technologies. By tapping into the collective expertise of a panel of consultants, particularly those from the legal-tech sector, they could paint a more vivid picture of the work of lawyers in a technology-disrupted future. Evolving their law degree’s curriculum in the right direction consequently became easier.

Great decisions won’t make a difference if your organisation doesn’t execute them well. Nearly all projects have been done somewhere else before - so savvy businesses start planning by learning lessons from the experiences and mistakes of others in order to avoid repeating them.

Our consultants can develop detailed road maps to guide the implementation of key initiatives. By interviewing experts who have done something similar, we can detail which steps to take, what the important decision points are, and what other organisations would do differently a second time around.

Case study:

A global conglomerate planned to incentivise cost reductions by introducing a “chargeback” model, so their operating business units would pay for IT services, rather than these services being provided from a corporate cost-centre.

By interviewing 10 businesses who had done the same thing at a similar scale, they gained a consolidated view of best practices along with a detailed view of nuanced choices such as what level of current state mapping proved necessary and what level proved to be overkill. Using these kinds of insights, they were able to sequence delivery to achieve potential cost savings sooner.

Customised Research

What is it?

Experienced consultants work with specialist researchers to assemble the most relevant published information

How it Works

You interact directly with one of our consultants (via phone or video) to define your research topic. Then you can review the emerging research as the job is completed, usually within 3-5 working days.

What's the end result?

Detailed research and data assembled in response to your specific questions. Key insights will be highlighted to help you inform decisions within your organisation.

Expert Consultation

What is it?

One-on-one phone consultations with experts to gather their insights and leverage their experience.

How it Works

We work with you to define the criteria for experts that can answer your questions. We present relevant experts via an online platform for you to select from. You speak with them directly via our conference facility.

What's the end result?

You can access expertise on demand - from almost any industry, geography or niche imaginable. You can use these interviews to form your own notes, conclusions, and next steps.

Digital Consulting Projects

What is it?

Digitally-connected teams of the right consultants, analysts and experts to guide your decisions and support their implementation - on demand.

How it Works

We talk with you, understand your desired outcomes then agree a corresponding scope and approach. We mobilise for kick-off within 24 hours. Regular check-in video calls enable you to stay connected with the work over a 3-5 week period, before an online presentation of deliverables and Q&A.

What's the end result?

Output is tailored to the topic being explored, such as a set of customized benchmarks, through to a market assessment or business case, etc. You’ll receive clear recommendations and supporting evidence (interview notes and other analyses).

Webinars “plus”

What is it?

Digitally-connected teams of the right consultants, analysts and experts to guide your decisions and support their implementation - on demand.

How it Works

We talk with you, understand your desired outcomes then agree a corresponding scope and approach. We mobilise for kick-off within 24 hours. Regular check-in video calls enable you to stay connected with the work over a 3-5 week period, before an online presentation of deliverables and Q&A.

What's the end result?

Output is tailored to the topic being explored, such as a set of customized benchmarks, through to a market assessment or business case, etc. You’ll receive clear recommendations and supporting evidence (interview notes and other analyses).

Surveys (B2B)

What is it?

Surveys conducted across specific cohorts of business people.

How it Works

You define what kind of insights you want to gather and define the relevant target groups/sample size. We’ll coordinate the engagement of respondents and presentation of survey data.

What's the end result?

Highly-specific data sets (qualitative and quantitative) can be gathered about your organisation’s external environment, offering unique insights that can inform better decision making across the board.

On-site consulting or contracting placements

What is it?

A team of specialised consultants who can support your teams on-site when a more traditional consulting proposition is required.

How it Works

You discuss your resourcing requirements with one of our team. We assemble a list of potential freelance consultants using a detailed and global data-base of over 500,000 expert consultants - including those not otherwise easily accessed.

What's the end result?

Access a bigger pool of potential talent that can work with you on the ground, and have curated outcomes presented that speed the sifting process compared with traditional freelancer sites.

A better way of engaging with experts

Efficient engagement process
Strong value proposition
Satisfaction outcomes

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CIO Australian Government Department

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